Updated: March 20th, 2022


Allan Pinheiro: 2015 CERTIFIED
Felipe Mantos: 2015 CERTIFIED
Gabriel Aglio: 2015 CERTIFIED
Gabriel Perez: 2015 CERTIFIED
Lincoln Constantino: 2016 CERTIFIED
Mauricio Sant Anna: 2016 CERTIFIED


Ichiro Takenaka: 2016 CERTIFIED
Motoki Hosoe: 2016 CERTIFIED
Shuichi Hamaguchi: 2016 CERTIFIED
Masanori Kajita: 2022 CERTIFIED


Micahel Rebelo: 2016 CERTIFIED
Rui Mimoso: 2016 CERTIFIED


Ezequiel Troncoso: 2015 CERTIFIED
Oskar Lopez: 2015 CERTIFIED
Roberto Perez: 2016 CERTIFIED


Frankie Najera: 2015 CERTIFIED
Justin Wagers: 2017 CERTIFIED
Luke Hall: 2015 CERTIFIED
Marcus Nelson: 2017 CERTIFIED
Martín Hernandez: 2017 CERTIFIED
Michael Bross: 2016 CERTIFIED
Micahel Payton: 2015 CERTIFIED
Pierre Carrillo: 2015 CERTIFIED
Travis Brown: 2016 CERTIFIED

Judge Training

Updated: May 10th, 2016

Becoming an ISI Certified Judge is 100% FREE but there are some qualifications that any potential judge must meet.

As an ISI Certified Judge, ideally you would have competed in slacklining competitions in the past, have an understanding of the difficulty of tricks, be proficient with computers and maintain an unbiased attitude while judging. Maintaining an unbiased opinion can be difficult at times but that is the beauty of ISI is each trick is identified and deductions are recorded, it is easy to understand why an athlete received a particular score. The ability for a judge to be biased towards any given athlete minimized. ISI scoring are also requires multiple judges in a competition that serve to keep each other in check at all times.

As a judge, you will be responsible for the outcome of matches that athletes have trained very hard for. Sometimes there are thousands of dollars at stake, so not being accurate or fair is unacceptable.

If you are an athlete that would like to be an ISI judge you will not be required to stop competing. The only time you would not be allowed to judge a competition is one that you are competing in. We encourage athletes to become judges because who would know the current tricks and how difficult they are than current athletes.  

To begin the process you must...

ISI Certified Judge

ISI Certified Judge

ISI Judge Shuichi Hamaguchi, Frankie Najera and Motoki Hosoe at the 2016 Tokyo Outside Festival.
Photo: Toshiya Ogawa

1.apply to us by email

Email info@isi-slacklinejudging.org and include some information about yourself and why you would like to become a judge.

2.Pass the technical judging examination

Pass the technical judging examination that covers everything from the process of using the judging software, identification of tricks, knowledge of the rules and how an ISI judged competition is to proceed.

3.Pass the scoring exam

Pass the scoring exam that will test your ability of using the scoring sheet, identification of tricks and application of the rules by using past ISI judge matches to score.

4.ISI Certified Judge

Once all examinations have been passed a current ISI Certified Judge verify your ability to judge at the first competition you act as a judge at to become a fully certified ISI Judge.