Mar. 27, 2023


Result & Score Announcement!


Despite its short duration of only 27 days, the event came to a close with many participants.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated.

Thank you so much for taking part, even though it was difficult to take movies due to rain or other event activities! From among them, we will announce the top 16 with their scores!

  • Results from Competition

【About the next event】
We plan to hold the OTC regularly in the future (twice a year). The next event (submission period) is scheduled for mid-November to early December.

You don't need to film your submission during the submission period, and can use videos filmed from tomorrow onwards. Please start filming your one-minute, unedited video submissions as soon as possible and have them ready by mid-November! (Video submission rules will be the same as this event, and you cannot submit the same video as this event or any other contests.)

Starting from the next event, we will change the regulation regarding line width and height. In principle, the width and height between anchors will not be judged, as it is difficult to measure these parameters in videos.However, no-bounce tricks on highline, longline, rodeoline, etc. are not supported.

If many children aged elementary school or younger participate, we will consider presenting awards in the elementary school or younger category. Everyone is welcome to participate and have their score judged by the ISI judges, regardless of line width or height. (However, if the line is too low, the ISI judging rules will be strictly enforced, and doubles will be judged harshly.)